Crystal Bead Menu Reader/Monocle Chain

Crystal Bead Menu Reader/Monocle Chain
Brand Name: Eyewear Collection
Item#/SKU: MR-Czech
These chains are hand crafted with Czechoslovakian crystal beads. They are extremely versatile and look great with any of our menu readers/monocles.
  • (Price of chain alone is $20.00)
  • (Price of monocle alone is $30.00)
  • (Monocle and chain set is $45.00)
    Chain styles from left to right:
  • MRCH-C (Charcoal - Currently Sold Out)
  • MRCH-D (Natural)
  • MRCH-E (Black/White - Currently Sold Out)
  • Select QTY SKU Style Options Unit Price
    MR-Czech  Monocle/MRCH-C Set $45.00
    MR-Czech  Monocle/MRCH-D Set $45.00
    MR-Czech  Moncole/MRCH-E Set $45.00
    MR-Czech  MRCH-E (Black/White) $20.00
    MR-Czech  MRCH-C (Charcoal) $20.00
    MR-Czech  MRCH-D ((Natural) $20.00
    MR-Czech  Monocle $30.00